Constitution drinks board 20

in 2 weeks
Wed 4 mar (19:00) - Thu 5 mar (2:30)


On Monday, February 3th, board 20 has been approved, this means that it is time for constitution drinks. During constitution drinks, the new board of an association presents itself. There will be boards of associations from all over the Netherlands to meet board 20. All via members are also invited to come and congratulate the new board with their committee.

When you want to congratulate the new board with their appointment with the board of your association or with your committee, you first report to de pedel. De pedel will then write you on the list and announce the name of your board or committee when it's your turn. While you are congratulating the new board, you stand in a circle. Your chairman or coordinator will talk about for example the good cooperation between you and the new broad and they will also introduce their board or committee to the new board. During this process you as a board or committee also give a gift to the new board. The chairman or coordinator can also talk about this in detail. After the chairman of the new board has reacted extensively, you will have a drink together and you will get the chance to write in the guestbook of the new board.

Everyone is welcome at the Heeren van Aemstel on March 4th at 7PM to congratulate board 20 with their appointment. We hope to see you all!

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