Lezing ING: Risk & Pricing Advanced Analytics

in 4 days
Thursday 12 dec 17:00 - 18:00


ARIA is a broad collection of projects in a collaborative effort between ING and PwC, with the ambitious goal of being aware in real-time of all financial risk around the globe. One of the roles of the Risk & Pricing Advanced Analytisc team within this endeavor is to produce topic-detection models, such that any reported fraudulent activities, bankruptcies, etc., are immediately notified to our Risk Managers . This enables us to much more effectively react to the complexities of the financial world as they unfold, greatly reducing the risk of damage to the company. Our machine learning models assign probabilities to real-time news translated from languages all around the world, about whether they belong to one of several topics. This enables the users of the ARIA tool to specifically search for and study the latest financial phenomena that could be potentially harmful for our customers and the bank as a whole.