National AI Masters Fair

in 1 day
Friday 22 nov 14:30 - 18:00


Do you want to explore the possible options for Artificial Intelligence Masters in the Netherlands? Then join us at the National AI Masters Fair on November 22nd in Utrecht! Master programmes from all over the country will be represented so you can discover what fits you best.

We will open the day with a coffee or tea in a well-known place called ‘lecture hall’, after which there will be shifts of talks by speakers about what the Master(s) at their university entail and why you should study there. During shifts and the break, you can ask more specific questions to people at market stands to get to know more about studies and cities that spark your interests.

Masters for people with a background in AI from Amsterdam (UvA), Groningen (RUG), Nijmegen (RU), Tilburg (UvT), and Utrecht (UU) will be represented during the day. Maybe you will get the confirmation of your choice or find something you did not consider yet. For everyone there will be something, whether you just started investigating possible Masters or are almost sure about your future prospects. Come to Utrecht to broaden your horizon and see what AI in the Netherlands has to offer for you.

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