Gala 2019: Masked Ball

in 2 weeks
Fri 6 dec (21:00) - Sat 7 dec (3:00)

Price: €30.00

It's been awhile since via has organised a smashing party and the party committee is going to change that. On the 6th of December, the party committee will organise a gala. So dust off your gala outfit from high school, order a fancy new dress online or rent a tux and get ready! Not sure about your outfit? Don’t fret! The gala will be a masked ball, so you can be (semi) anonymous while on the dancefloor. No more excuses left not to show off those moves! Ticket sales will start soon, so keep an eye on the event page. For only 20 euro’s (30 for late-bird), you’ll have free beer, wine and soda the whole night, so don’t miss out! Of course, you’re allowed to bring a +1. Don’t have a date for the gala? We’ve got you covered. The committee can find you a date if you fill in this form (we won’t misuse your information). Success depends on the number of applicants.

To commemorate the gala, the marketing committee has designed a special gala tie. Want to snag a tie? Buy it for just 7,50 with your gala ticket!

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