PROG-A-THON: programming contest

2 months ago
Tue 4 jun (12:00) - Tue 25 jun (12:00)


From Friday 12:00, you can also find the second set of exercises here.

Starting June 4th until June 25th, you can work on a series of programming challenges! Every week, we will make a new set of programming puzzles available and you can start working on solving them. You can view on the live-scoreboard how you perform compared to others. Do you solve the most exercises, then you can moreover win great prizes! The first set of challenges becomes available at June 4th at 12:00 on

We have prizes for the best bachelor student and the best master student:

  • bachelor: programmable Ryze Tello drone
  • master: a Steam controller

The contest is organised by the competition committee, so you can start practicing for the Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest (BAPC) this fall.

The rules and conditions concerning participation can be found here.

Input/output of the programs

The solution to the problems can be programmed in C, C++, Python 2/3 or Java. You should make sure that the program reads input from standard input (stdin) and prints to standard output (stdout). In Python, you can do this in the following way:

import sys

# Read from stdin line by line
for line in sys.stdin:

# print to stdout

If you want to test your program on your local computer, you can redirect the content of a text file (containing the input) to your program with:

python < input.txt

When checking your solution, the output of your program is compared to the output of a correct program. So make sure that you adhere to the output format as described in the problem. Furthermore, your programs should not run longer than the time limit indicated in the problem.