Wednesday 5 jun 17:00 - 22:00


On the 5th of June, the second edition of Life After Graduation will be held at Science Park. Are you about to finish your studies and are you still in doubt whether you want to go into academia or into industry? Are you thinking of starting your own company, but are you not completely sure if you should? At Life After Graduation, PhDs, startups and corporates will help answer these questions and any others you might have about what the future holds! Examples of speakers last year included Thomas Kipf (PhD candidate at AMLab), Daniel Gebler (CTO of Picnic), Freek Dijkstra (Network specialist at SURFSara), Cuong V. Dinh (Former researcher at TUDelft/NKI, now ML specialist at Accenture). Come join us for great talks, great food, and great drinks!