VIA-Weekend: Paashazen & Pilsbazen

3 months ago
Fri 12 apr (17:00) - Sun 14 apr (15:00)

Price: 37,-

On the 12th of April, the next edition of the VIA-weekend will take place! The chocolate eggs have been spotted in the stores and the first signs of spring fever have started to show. The first rays of sunshine have graced the country and we’ve been able to enjoy a number of beers outside on the grass. We’ve gotten a taste of the good life now, so why stop? Dress up in your best easter outfit and go on a journey with us to Drenthe were you can prove how much of a “pilsbaas*” you really are!

Registrations are closed right now, see you next year!

If you sign up now, unfortunately you won't receive a t-shirt.

*Pilsbaas: Someone that is a legendary drinker of beer

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