QChallenge Hackathon

1 year ago
Fri. 12 Oct 2018 (09:30) - Sat. 13 Oct 2018 (20:00)


This autumn you can hack your next holiday! Win a free trip to your favorite European destination by using data science to solve a real-life business challenge. Register today for the QChallenge on October 12 - 13. Be there!

During the 2-day QChallenge hackathon, several student teams will develop a solution for an exciting data-driven business challenge. This challenge is submitted by an interesting company (which one is still a secret).

You’re welcome!

All students are welcome: as long as you are interested in data science, open source, machine learning and cool tools, such as Python, R and Hadoop.

No hacking experience? Don't worry! There will be plenty of experts at the hackathon. They are there for you, so no hacking experience needed. Nothing can stop you, right?

What's in it for me? What will you get out of the QChallenge hackathon? Well, hopefully a great trip of course! Plus: loads and loads of practical experience. You'll also have the opportunity to socialize and network. Maybe you’ll score a great internship or job at Qualogy or one of our partners! More information and sign up: www.qualogy.com/qchallenge The challenge is a collaboration between Qualogy, Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship (ACE) and Amsterdam Data Science (ADS).