Gala 2024

in 3 months
Fri. 16 Feb 2024 (18:30) - Sat. 17 Feb 2024 (01:30)


Walking down a red carpet 📸, enjoying good food 🍽️, partying like crazy🍾 and meeting your soulmate 💞, are all things that might just happen to you at the upcoming via gala! On Friday 16 February, we will all put on a better gala than ever before!🪩

We are still keeping a few things secret, but we can already tell you what the theme will be: '✨Hollywood Glamour✨'! Think Oscars, Academy awards and Hollywood's best actors and actresses for inspiration.

You will have to wait a little longer for the location and ticket sales. We will announce these at the ‘jasje-dasje-borrel' on 21 December, so you can get into the gala atmosphere there too!