Lecture PRDCT

in 2 weeks
Thursday 6 apr 17:00 - 18:00


Why data projects are doomed to fail

Data is worthless without context. Capturing and interpreting context is essential in every data driven project, but this interpretation is often dynamic. The use of misinterpreted or out-of-context data is a common source of failure in these projects: there is no single version of the truth in data, so how do we determine which context to use for which application?

Even when you have determined the best way to use and interpret your data, there is no way to ensure that this remains true. In fact, with the dynamic nature of data in enterprises and projects, context and meaning not only change over time, but simultaneously as well: the same data can have several interpretations and uses within a single stack. In application development the developer controls data quality, completeness and visualisation. However, in managing external or ‘real life’ data, the only thing that is for sure is that change will happen. Do you have the right ammunition to handle this?

In this lecture Marnix Dalebout, the founder of PRDCT Data Platform, will challenge your theoretical view on data. With his +25 years of experience in data management he has seen many failed projects, as well as leading many to success. He will share his learnings from his success from both the public and private domain.

This lecture is worth 1 colloquium point. This lecture lasts from 17:00 to 18:00 it is therefore not possible to leave earlier and/or enter later. There is no need to register for the lecture.