Study trip 2023: Athens

in 1 month
Tue 2 may (10:00) - Mon 8 may (17:00)

Price: € 389.00

Legendary results from the past aren't always a guarantee for the future, but we still know for sure that this study trip is going to be an absolute success once again! Fly to Athens with us on May 2nd 2023! In this beautiful ancient city, we will do all sorts of things. For instance, we will visit the local university and ICT companies. We will also do a lot of non-educational things, like sightseeing and having a some drinks. For only €389, you can join us on this amazing adventure. You do not want to miss this!

We will depart on Tuesday May 2nd and fly back on Monday May 8th. Please note! This means you will miss any lectures on Monday May 8th 2023. This is your own responsibility! Teachers do not have to cater to you.

Ticket sales will open on Friday December 16 at 3 PM via this link! Make sure to buy your ticket quickly, because there is a limited number of spots available!

This ticket includes one piece of hand luggage. Around March/April, you can book extra checked baggage.