SNiC: CelerIT

in 2 months
Wednesday 30 nov 8:00 - 20:00

Price: € 15.00

Soon it will be time for the annual event SNiC: the Dutch IT conference for Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Information Science students. This conference is organised by students, for students. With lectures by famous and prominent professionals, entrepreneurs and academics, you will be immersed in interesting topics in the field of computer science for an entire day. You get the opportunity to network and collect countless goodies! The latest developments in the field are showcased and there is very good food. Get ready for a day of interesting talks, good lunch and dinner and of course a borrel (drinks). You will be picked up from, and brought back to Science Park by bus, and all of this costs only €15,-!

Now for what makes this year’s edition special. As it may not be very obvious, CelerIT is a play on the word celerity, which in turn is not a very common word. The word can be described as meaning the swiftness of motion. This conference will be all about the bigger picture of how fast technology has been, and still is, evolving. In other words, the swiftness of the rise and fall of technological developments in these fields, where we look at the history, the present and the future of technology.

With speakers like Philippe Schoonejans (European Space Agency), Amanda Prorok (research around AI agents) and the keynote speaker 3Blue1Brown, this promises to be an unforgettable day!

You can earn two colloquium points for attending this event.

The exact times may change.

SNiC Foundation

This event will be held in English.

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