Hitchhiking weekend

in 2 weeks
Sat 4 jun (10:00) - Sun 5 jun (21:00)

Price: € 35.00

It is time for another unforgettable hitchhiking weekend! We will leave with teams of two from Science Park to a (still) secret city in Europe which will be announced on the day itself. Once we arrive, it is time to make the destination city unsafe together with your fellow hitchhikers on Saturday evening and on Sunday. Sunday evening we will all return home together. Besides eternal fame, the duo that arrives first will win a prize. So find your hitchhiking buddy and sign up! The cost of the weekend includes an overnight stay, a fun activity on saturday and the transport back home from the secret destination.


  • You start Saturday morning with your hitchhiking buddy from Science Park to a location that will then be named (you can still vote where we go at svia.nl/vote).
    • If you get stuck while hitchhiking, there will be a backup car.
    • you share your live location all day with the committee via Google Maps for safety's sake.
  • Saturday evening you are free to do whatever you want on the secret location, but the committee will also present a possible evening planning.
  • Sunday during the day a hangover-proof activity is planned.
  • Sunday evening we go back home.

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