via has a number of committees that provide facilities. For example, you can have a poster made for your event or influence the assortment in the Kelder, our association room. Below you will find an overview:

Marketing committee

The Marketing Committee makes posters and slides on request for events. You can do this by filling in this form. Please note that you must submit your request at least two weeks in advance, otherwise the committee will not have enough time to make your poster on time.


via has a photo committee that ensures that important activities can be well documented. The photo committee takes photos at events on request. Make sure you do this at least a week in advance, tso the committee member who will take pictures can take it into account in his/her agenda.. If you want to take advantage of this, please send an email to foto@svia.nl.


Many (promotional) texts must be written for via. Did you write a text and would you like someone to look at it to get rid of spelling and style errors? Send an email to spelling@svia.nl. They will check the piece for you and will send points of improvement back to you. Be a little early in sending it so they have time to look at it too.

Kelder order and assortment

If you want to see something new in the Kelder sales, or do you need food and drinks for your committee activity? The sacred kelder@svia.nl address is what you need! In the case of the Kelder sales, you can also put the product you would like on the list on the wall. The Albert Heijn order is always placed on Wednesday, so be on time if you need something quickly from the Appie.


You can reserve the Brainwave, the university bar on the ground floor, for events. The Brainwave is a public study room before 17:00 and the reservation must be made through the UvA. You can do this at the library on the first floor, or you can send an email to sciencelib-science@uva.nl. After 17:00 the brainwave is managed by Stichting Brainwave. If you want to book the Brainwave for a via activity, you can send an email to our chair (board member of the Brainwave FNWI foundation) at voorzitter@svia.nl.