Xomnia boot

Xomnia offers two traineeships: one focuses on Data Science and the other on Big Data Engineering. This is an intensive one-year program with weekly training in data science and engineering topics, and gives you the opportunity to work at one of our clients for four days a week on one or more innovative projects.

We could write about what Xomnia does, and how cool it is to work with us as a data science or big data engineering trainee, but we feel that it’s more important to show you what our trainees think of our traineeship. After all, if you want to kick-start your career through our traineeship in data science or big data engineering, this could be you. Read on for more info!

My Xomnia experience has been nothing short of unforgettable. Not only did I help with building and implementing the first prediction model for the marketing department of NS International using the skills I picked up at the trainings. I also became the scrum master on the team that makes structural improvements to the website through psychology/data-driven A/B-testing, and even became the face of a social media campaign (Ticketmaster Thijs!). All the while having fun with my class who I became friends with during trainings and 'borrels'. And I'm currently only halfway through my traineeship! ~ Thijs Nieuwdorp, Data Science trainee at NS International.

The moment I walked through Xomnia’s door, 5 months ago, I became part of a big family of unique individuals that are ready to support and assist in your personal development. With the weekly Friday trainings given not only from senior Xomnians, but also from companies like Google and Microsoft, and the sessions on life skills and business coaching, you find yourself on an accelerating course of personal and professional development. And all that, in a chill environment where beer runs plenty and dogs run happy (yes we have two office dogs!). If you want to step into the business world, step through Xomnia. ~ Marilena Panagiotidou, Big Data Engineering trainee at KLM.

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