Changes board 21

Written by: Eva Oostenbrink
Published at: 14-10-2020

Board members wanted for board 21! The end of the board year is coming close and therefore we are looking for the next members. A board year is, besides the fact that it's fun, also good for your CV. It is a year where you learn a lot and where you get to know more about yourself and the association. You will meet new people and gain a lot of experience in different areas.

Because of the special circumstances it will be possible to follow courses during the board year. This means that there will be part-time positions available in board 21. So if you are busy, or do you have little time, but does a board year seem appealing to you? This is your chance to combine it! There is not much clear yet about the exact details, this is up to you and your fellow candidates to coordinate with each other. Are you interested in or do you have questions about a board year? Please send an e-mail to