In the end of january a decision will be made about the collaboration with the VU: will the information sciences move to the Zuidas? Will SRON come to Science Park?

Decisions that will have large consequences for the students and workers at the Faculty. Therefore it is important to open the
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De boekenverkoop bij via voor het tweede semester is geopend! Je kunt vanaf nu hier op onze website boeken bestellen bij Athenaeum. De verkoop zal geopend blijven tot 1 februari 23:59. De boeken worden geleverd op volgorde van bestellen, bestel dus zo snel mogelijk als je je boeken zo
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PROG-A-THON has started!

Willemijn Beks
Willemijn Beks 2017-01-09

The second edition of the PROG-A-THON has just started! We have started by releasing 9 exercises online. After this, some challenges will be posted in the second and third week. But watch out: in the third week, the score board will be frozen so you can't keep an eye on the competition! This year,
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Are you going to miss via during the holidays? No worries! At the Bringyourfamilybecauseitwaschristmas-drinks you can combine your family obligations with via! Very important; Your first drink is on us!

Date: 6th of january Time: 17:00 - 01:00

[Facebook event](
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Candidate board 17 announced!

Kjeld Oostra
Kjeld Oostra 2016-12-13

After a thrilling GA the candidates for Board 17 are finally selected!

  • Ghislaine van den Boogerd - Chair
  • Silke Knossen - Secretary
  • Erik Kooistra - Treasurer
  • Britt Ruigrok - Vice Chair
  • Laura Hilhorst - Commissioner of Acquisition
  • Boas Kluiving - Commissioner of
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Alex Dekker
Alex Dekker 2016-11-04

Our third lustrum will be celebrated with a fancy ball! On a boat, unlimited drinks, live music, we have it all! It's going to a be a great night! Get your tickets at

ABC opgaven en oplossing (Dutch)

Maico Timmerman
Maico Timmerman 2016-10-11

Mocht mee hebben gedaan aan het ABC of het gewoon leuk vinden om door de oplossing heen te kijken. Het gehele archief van de voorrondes van de BAPC staan vanaf nu online. Download ze hier

Ask Willemijn

Willemijn Beks
Willemijn Beks 2016-08-22

Do you have a problem and don't know where to go or what to do? Willemijn knows what to do! via can help you at helpdesk for all your questions and remarks about your studies.

Booksale has started!

Roan de Jong
Roan de Jong 2016-08-10

The booksale for the upcoming semester has opened again! You are now able to purchase your books here. If you order your books before 31st of August 23:59, you will be able to pick up your books on the 5th of September. The absolute deadline for ordering is the 7th of September. If you
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