De uitdaging is groot. In 2030 zullen meer dan 5 miljard mensen wereldwijd wonen in stedelijke agglomeraties. Hoe voorzie je een snel groeiende middenklasse lokaal van vers en gezond voedsel op een duurzame manier? Dit is waar GrwNxt aan werkt met Amsterdam als uitvalsbasis. MeetingMoreMinds is de aanjager van GrwNxt B.V. en het ecosysteem met bedrijven. Met GrwNxt werken Nederlandse koplopers in de greentech samen aan baanbrekende technologische oplossingen voor de wereld van overmorgen. Denk aan semi-autonome groei van “fresh produce” door digitalisering van groeirecepten en remote control van klimaatkamers die in megasteden geplaatst worden.
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Openlab Dutch Nao Team

Yunus Demir
Yunus Demir 2020-02-03

The Dutch Nao Team is a group of bachelor and master students focused on programming robots to play football autonomously in yearly competitions such as the Robocup. Last year we ended up in the top 9 (of 24) of the standard platform league. Furthermore the Dutch Nao Team performs additional activities like giving demo's and presentations, provide information to robot owners, giving out bachelor projects and providing thesis subjects for bachelors.
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UvA Skills Week

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan 2020-01-30

Is your study approaching its end? Or have you just started, but are you already thinking: HOW do I find that one suitable job after my studies?! We are happy to help you with this, because from 4-6 February multiple interesting companies are coming here to teach you THE skills you need for your future career. You just sit, you listen and who knows you might also bump into your new employer. What else could you wish for? Learn to network, apply for job interviews, take a LinkedIn photo and hear the most gracious stories from Philips, Deloitte, the AIVD and much more, the programme offers something for everyone. View our great workshops via the link and sign up NOW!
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Brainwave committee

Bas van den Brink
Bas van den Brink 2020-01-24

A few of you may already have experience keeping a bar running, whether you were the one pouring out drinks or drinking beer. But do you know what it takes to let you enjoy the cheapest beer possible? You might know that the Brainwave, Science Park local bar, is run by and run for students. The so called Stichting Brainwave is making sure there is enough beer and you can enjoy a nice drink.
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ADS presents TECH020

Loes Gennissen
Loes Gennissen 2020-01-21

ADS is hosting its Career Fair on Thursday 20th February at The Student Hotel (Wibautstraat). ADS presents TECH020 is a Career Fair for all students in their final year of studies, whether that's Bachelors, Masters or PhD. We want to provide you with the opportunity to find your future career in the fields of: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Computer Science, Software Engineering and Econometrics. Organisations including VodafoneZiggo, ING and The Hybrid Intelligence Centre will be attending. Check out our website to see all other companies that will be there. When you sign up for the Fair and register your attendance on the day you will be automatically entered into a prize raffle. There will also be a QUIZ to show off your knowledge with an exciting prize for the winner!
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Part time job at OGD

Loes Gennissen
Loes Gennissen 2020-01-20

Zoek jij nog een leuke en uitdagende bijbaan in de ICT? Vind jij gezelligheid belangrijk? Vind jij het leuk om bij meerdere bedrijven op zoek te gaan? Dan is OGD voor jou de ideale werkgever! OGD levert verschillende ICT-diensten aan klanten die daarom vragen. Denk zo aan softwareontwikkeling, het leveren van ict-professionals en business intelligence. Heeft PostNL een app nodig binnen een dag? Wij regelen het. Advocaten bij Loyens & Loeff een advocatendocumentatieprogramma leren? We got them covered! Vaak doen wij dit dus buiten de deur en kom je dus bij veel andere bedrijven te werk, Zo biedt dit ook optimale netwerkmogelijkheden!
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Book sales are open

Mund Vetter
Mund Vetter 2020-01-19

The book sales for the second semester of this year have started! You can order your books here with a 10% discount starting today. The sales remain open until the 27th of January 23:59. You can pick up your books on the first monday of the new semester at via.

Are you passionate about the Dutch or English language? Do you think it’s important for the via-website to have a professional look and feel? Are you prepared to provide committees with feedback regarding their event descriptions?

Then join the Voluntary Spelling List! Committees can send their event descriptions to this list if they’re unsure about the quality of their Dutch or English grammar. As a member of the Spelling List, you will provide feedback on their text, which the committee can then edit where needed. Together, we’ll make the association a bit more professional!
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On February 5th, from 12PM untill 6:30PM, the Faculty’s Diversity Officer and Diversity Sounding Board jointly organise the event: ‘Faces of Science Park: Diversity and Inclusion in Science’. During this event we invite all students and colleagues at Science Park to participate in workshops and to join in our conversations about how we might enhance the diversity and inclusion of our community and the work that we do.
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Diversity and inclusion have been high on the UvA's agenda for some years and activities have been organised in many different places. But why bother about diversity? The BètaBreak in collaboration with the UvA Diversity team is hosting a discussion panel on this topic. Will not the smartest people end up in science or at the top anyways? Or do we still need to critically assess our culture of inclusion/exclusion and review our policies?
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