Message coordinators Webtechnology KI/INF

Dimitry Grootenboer
Dimitry Grootenboer 2021-01-04

Just like every January, the first year course in web technology is starting for the AI and Computer Science students. The first years learn about developing websites while combining this with a little bit of websecurity. The coordinators of the course like to see senior students try to show leakages in the websites in a practical way. However, this has been taken too far during last year's course. Students had to drop out because of the damage done by the hacking attempts of senior students. We hope to see you try to show the security flaws of the first years in an ethical way before the last week of the course. The full message of the course coordinators can be read here:
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From the beginning of February 2021 the council is looking for a new official secretary. As official secretary you will be present during our meetings to take minutes. You do this 1 or 2 times a week. Furthermore, you will be a part of the council and you will also join us on (corona-proof) council outings! Do you think this is something for you? Go check out this link or send an email to!
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Tutors wanted!

Mund Vetter
Mund Vetter 2020-12-09

Do you like explaining difficult concepts and do you also like helping fellow students with their courses? Then via's tutoring program might be something for you.

Via offers you the opportunity to give paid tutoring lessons in a certain subject. We will match you with a student that needs tutoring. Then you can agree on an hourly rate among yourselves, which is usually around the €15,- per hour. You can sign up as a tutor using this link!
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New candidate board!

Gerben Koopman
Gerben Koopman 2020-12-08

Last Monday, the new candidate board was chosen! The coming months they will be trained and at the board change general assembly they will hopefully be approved as the board for 2021. All of them are looking forward to it. If you are curious about more, you can always approach them!

The elected candidate board members are (from left to right): Maxime van Munster, Dimitry Grootenboer, Felix Hoekstra en Gerben Koopman.
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Computer science students at the University of Minnesota are looking to launch a platform dedicated to enhancing international cooperation and engagement in challenging times of forced isolation. They are specifically asking for the assistance of computer science students willing to engage in creating cross-cultural interaction in a time when study abroad and exchange is on hold.
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Conspiracy theories are of all times, but the COVID-19 pandemic offers an interesting framework to explore the mechanisms behind them. How do conspiracy theories evolve, and how grounded are the concerns from a scientific perspective? And if we go beyond those questions, how do we as scientists contribute to the proliferation of these theories, and how can we improve?
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Nominations for the big via awards show are open! Who is the real chug king / queen? Who is the biggest optimist and what was your highlight of the year? Submit your nominations and who knows, maybe your nominee will win! Do not forget to send proof to increase the chances of the person you nominate. A top 3 is made per category based on the number of nominations. The winner will be chosen during the digitala on December 4 with a choice from this top 3. Even if you cannot be there yourself, you can nominate people!
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On November 19th the symposium "Advanced Analytics: Diving deep into your data" organized by the study association for mathematics and computer science students from Delft, W.I.S.V. "Christiaan Huygens", will be held. During this online event, we will explore the possibilities of the state-of-the-art data analytics techniques as well as discuss the ethical concerns associated with processing personal data. For more information and the latest updates, visit and attend the facebook event. Hope to see you there!
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On November 10th the general assembly decided to declare Maico Timmerman as a member of merit of via.

Maico has been an active member at via for 7 years and was a member of the board as commissioner of education in 2015. Over the years he has been a member of various committees, including being a member of the ICT committee for 6 years. He even coordinated this committee for three and a half years. During this period he has taken the systems that are used by the association to a new level.
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Opening hours association room

Eva Oostenbrink
Eva Oostenbrink 2020-11-09

Previously, almost every day a board member would be present in the association room. From now on the room will solely be used for the board members as a place to work. This means that there won’t always be a board member present to answer questions or to help you with something. The opening hours will therefore not be standard. If you have an urgent question or another request, please contact the board via e-mail or app to make sure that someone is present at the moment you visit.
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