With next-generation telescopes, tiny space probes, and more, we continue our search for life beyond our solar system to answer the intriguing question: is there life out there? Also here at the faculty of science at the UvA. Students and researchers see the telescope on top of the faculty’s building every day when approaching the building, but what are they actually doing up there? The BètaBreak is hosting an edition on extraterrestrial life to find out what science can currently tell us, and to ask questions such as what is crucial for extraterrestrial life to exist? If we discovered evidence of alien life, would we even realize it? And what would we do? What forms of alien life are possible and which are most likely? The range of entirely novel environments open to investigation are essentially limitless, creating a great topic for the upcoming BètaBreak discussion on March 18th.
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(Mental) health

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan 2020-02-19

Regrettably, sometimes an undesirable experience takes place, in whatever way. That's why we have made a page where you can find a list of persons you can contact, including an explanation of who to contact for what issue. If you don’t want to talk with any of these people or want help choosing the right person to contact, you can always ask a board member to talk about it with you. Obviously, this conversation will remain confidential.
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Member of the month January!

Merel Atia
Merel Atia 2020-02-11

Last month we’ve had lots of nice activities, lectures and much more. Everybody has put a lot of effort in via. Sadly there can only be one member of the month. In January via’s member of the month is Robin Wacanno! Robin is doing great work as the coordinator of the archive and cavia committee. Thanks a lot, Robin, keep up the great work!
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On Thursday and Friday, April 2–3, 2020, you can experience the world of ASML at the Best of Tech Business Course. At this special ASML business course, you’ll not only learn about our semiconductor manufacturing technology, but you’ll develop the skills you need to work at a leading-edge tech company.
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Do you have an awesome startup idea based on tech or science? ACE has opened a call for their Incubation Program, starting April 6th. Join the ACE family of 140+ startups, see our website to apply!

What is ACE incubation?

Board 20

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan 2020-02-04

Dear members,

Last night at the Board Change General Assembly, all candidate board members were elected to board 20, which is constituted as follows:

Chairman: Eva Oostenbrink
Secretary: Rachel de Haan
Treasurer: Joran Timmerman
Vice Chairman: Merel Atia
Commissioner Acquisition: Yunus Demir
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De uitdaging is groot. In 2030 zullen meer dan 5 miljard mensen wereldwijd wonen in stedelijke agglomeraties. Hoe voorzie je een snel groeiende middenklasse lokaal van vers en gezond voedsel op een duurzame manier? Dit is waar GrwNxt aan werkt met Amsterdam als uitvalsbasis. MeetingMoreMinds is de aanjager van GrwNxt B.V. en het ecosysteem met bedrijven. Met GrwNxt werken Nederlandse koplopers in de greentech samen aan baanbrekende technologische oplossingen voor de wereld van overmorgen. Denk aan semi-autonome groei van “fresh produce” door digitalisering van groeirecepten en remote control van klimaatkamers die in megasteden geplaatst worden.
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Openlab Dutch Nao Team

Yunus Demir
Yunus Demir 2020-02-03

The Dutch Nao Team is a group of bachelor and master students focused on programming robots to play football autonomously in yearly competitions such as the Robocup. Last year we ended up in the top 9 (of 24) of the standard platform league. Furthermore the Dutch Nao Team performs additional activities like giving demo's and presentations, provide information to robot owners, giving out bachelor projects and providing thesis subjects for bachelors.
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UvA Skills Week

Rachel de Haan
Rachel de Haan 2020-01-30

Is your study approaching its end? Or have you just started, but are you already thinking: HOW do I find that one suitable job after my studies?! We are happy to help you with this, because from 4-6 February multiple interesting companies are coming here to teach you THE skills you need for your future career. You just sit, you listen and who knows you might also bump into your new employer. What else could you wish for? Learn to network, apply for job interviews, take a LinkedIn photo and hear the most gracious stories from Philips, Deloitte, the AIVD and much more, the programme offers something for everyone. View our great workshops via the link and sign up NOW!
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Brainwave committee

Bas van den Brink
Bas van den Brink 2020-01-24

A few of you may already have experience keeping a bar running, whether you were the one pouring out drinks or drinking beer. But do you know what it takes to let you enjoy the cheapest beer possible? You might know that the Brainwave, Science Park local bar, is run by and run for students. The so called Stichting Brainwave is making sure there is enough beer and you can enjoy a nice drink.
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