Bridging the Gap

in 2 weeks
Wednesday 4 dec 17:00 - 20:00


Since the beginning of digital times there's been a gap between the IT crowd and the rest of the company (and world). In Bridging the Gap we highlight people who actively work to cross that gap. For our information sciences students, but also for other interested people. We're hosting cool speakers from cool companies this year in our fourth edition of BTG, so do join!

There will be four talks with a short break in the middle. Afterwards there will be (free) drinks sponsored by Copernica. All talks will be held in English.


  • Esteban Garcia, Digital Product Designer, previously

  • Mariana Brinkerink, Senior Territory Sales @Google Cloud

  • Aysenur Bilgin, Data Science Consultant & Researcher @CWI

  • Aljar Meesters, Head of Quality Assurance @Copernica